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As the only event designed specifically for the automotive, architectural, decorative, security, and energy film industries, as well as paint protection, vinyl wraps and ceramic coatings, WFCT is essential to you and the industry. With new products launches, an expanding market, customers in high demand and an overflow of creativity, the potential in this industry is unmatched.


You and your team will reach a targeted audience with global buying power at the only event dedicated to wraps, films, tints and more. Your company will benefit from face-to-face interactions with potential leads, participate in invaluable networking opportunities and join nearly 2,000 prime buyers for three days of learning, connecting with colleagues, and discovering the latest innovations and advancements.

As a WFCT sponsor, each company and individual will successfully enhance their business. By working together, the event and all participants continue to advance and shape the future and raise the industry standards for the window, PPF, decorative, vinyl wraps and security film trades.

Increase Brand Awareness: Find the right fit for you, and then let us help. The WFCT event team is ready to meet your marketing needs and promote your company across multiple channels. You will receive access to a marketing kit with tools to promote your company, including press releases, videos, and social media exposure.

Networking Opportunities:
Spend quality time with others who share your commitment to the industry, which can advance your company and career.

Educational Opportunities: This is the only conference focused on emerging trends and technologies in automotive and architectural window films, tints and wraps.

Meet New and Future Customers efficiently and economically. Depending on the sponsorship level and your engagement, cost per interaction with a WFCT attendee can be as low as $3-$30 dollars per potential customer.

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